Its amazing what you come across while trawling through the web and this little gem is enough to make any tech geek stop and have a further look. The Sonder keyboard by Sonder Design is quite a unique product and one that has definitely made our ‘wish list’ for future purchases. For those of us that use a myriad of different softwares to do our daily job, memorising all of the unique macros available within the programme can lead one to wearing unfashionable items of clothing with long sleeves that fasten at the rear or at best a vacant stare and a line of drool inexcusably escaping from the corner of your mouth. This is where this product comes into it own. Using the Sonder Keyboard, you can establish specific hotkeys and macros for more control at your fingertips that adapts to display app-specific layouts on the keys for all your applications. You can even create macros assigned to a single key with it’s own custom icon to eliminate long, complex sequences of commands. The Sonder Keyboard is compatible with Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone equipped with Bluetooth and is paired to your device with a few simple steps. The keyboard is equipped with an internal battery which can be charged via the supplied braided fiber cables which can also be used as a wired connection to eliminate any wireless input lag.

Now tell me that hasn’t made you more than just a little intrigued. You can view more details or pre-order the keyboard on there website Sonder Design. We will update you with a hands on review when ours arrives.

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