Drawing from the information gathered in the ‘Analysis & Planning Stage‘ , it’s time to determine the visual styling of your website while concentrating on the usability of the user interface and the user experience.

As part of the design phase, it is also important to incorporate branding elements, colour palettes, and typography that give each site its distinctive look. This will also help strengthen the identity of your company on the website, and help customers to relate to you as a brand.

Typically the website designs will be presented in jpeg image format to illustrate what the finished website will look like. Often only a selection of pages are needed to be illustrated as with an iterative design process elements are reused throughout the site aiding the User Experience (UX) with a feeling of familiarity with the User Interface (UI). In some instances it may be necessary to begin with a wireframe or UX sketches to help establish the design system, while communicating a sense of the functionality. Good communication between your team and ours at this stage is important, working closely together, exchanging ideas and refining the website design to ensure that the final website will meet your goals and your target audience needs.

Once the Design Process is finished we can begin the ‘Development Stage‘, this is where we begin to build the website.